NOTICE 21.2.2024

Why should a foreign company consider expanding its operations to Finland?

Before a company expands its operations to Finland, it is important to create a thorough plan, define goals and resources and familiarize oneself with Finnish business practices. Collaboration with BMM Solutions can facilitate finding a targeted market niche. If done correctly, you can enter markets where competition is low and rewards are high. According to the OECD, the stock of foreign investments coming to Finland compared to GDP was 29% in Finland, while the EU average was 71%, indicating ample room for new foreign investments.

Collaborating with BMM Solutions can be a strategic move for your business. Let´s begin with smaller pilot projects to test the collaboration. It allows both parties to understand each other's working style and capabilities. Evaluate the outcomes and adjust as needed. Successful collaboration is built on mutual trust, shared goals and effective communication. 

NOTICE 20.9.2023

Thank you area 51 for the past special years.

The company is pleased to inform its customers and partners that it has moved to a new address. The new office is located in Ruoholahti, near the Cable Factory and the West Harbour.

The company thanks all its customers and partners who have supported it in its growth and development. BMM Solutions promises to continue its high-quality and customer-oriented operations.

BMM Solutions was founded in 2007 and specializes in innovation and change management. The company offers customized solutions that meet the needs and goals of its customers.

NOTICE 24.3.2023

Housing for the elderly requires new solutions

With smart wellness technology integrated into the home, diseases caused by aging can be prevented and the costs of nursing care due to the aging of the population can be reduced. Services for the elderly can be reformed in Finland by utilizing the technology used at home as thresholds are removed in the way of services and technology continues to develop.

The use of real-time sensor data produced by the elderly at home in social security services is still in its infancy. A lot of development work and research is still required in order to get the maximum benefit from it in promoting the health care and well-being of the elderly. The collected data must be reliable and of high quality, so that the decisions made based on it are correct and useful in terms of health care for the elderly. It is important to develop new analysis methods and technologies that enable fast and efficient processing and interpretation of sensor data.

The rapid development of digitization has created new prospects for supporting the elderly living at home thanks to smart devices and remote connections. In order for artificial intelligence to be of concrete benefit to the elderly, it must be ensured that they receive the necessary support for its use and that artificial intelligence applications are user-friendly and easy to use. This requires technology companies and research institutes to invest in user experience and cooperation with elderly people in product development. The development of technology will continue to be rapid in the future as well, and artificial intelligence applications will be an important part of services that support living at home.

A smart home can help monitor an elderly person's condition and detect abnormalities quickly, which in turn can lead to better treatment and possibly save the elderly person's life. Smart home technologies also help elderly people with everyday chores and offer them company and entertainment. Based on the research results, it can be recommended to increase awareness of how technology used at home can help elderly people.